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        Our Outing
        [來源:本站 | 作者:潘寶騰 | 日期:2013年4月15日 | 瀏覽15796 次] 字體:[ ]

            Today is Sunday, I had an interesting English lesson. Our English teacher LaoHu, a friendly Englishman. This afternoon, he let us to visit our school and introduce something to us

            First of all, we arrived the stadium .in there, I saw my best friend. I’m so happy, but I had to study. LaoHu introduced some about sport’s knowledge and told us he likes running very much. After a while , we went to the sport center, I felt so excited, because students not to been allowed enter, we were enjoin. He taught us something about the sport machine.

            At last, we took some photos with LaoHu for memory.

            In a word, today we learned were knowledge and had fun.



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